Shana Eva

Shana Eva came into this world with a passion for the Performing Arts. By the age of three, she began her studies in various forms of expression such as creative writing, dance, cheerleading, singing and acting. As a teenager, she was captain of her competitive Hip Hop dance team and found great joy in co-creating with her peers. By the age of 18, Shana began teaching dance and acting to youth whilst simultaneously working as an entertainer in the local Miami area. After several years, however, she felt it time to pursue further opportunities and relocated to Los Angeles, California. Once acclimated, Shana was fortunate to find early successes in the entertainment industry and continued her collegiate studies in theater and music. She regularly performed with her online sketch comedy troupe, “Dirty Cues”, whose viral sketches earned millions of views and a slew of media attention on forums such as, Entertainment Tonight and BuzzFeed. She continued to book roles in various films, commercials, TV shows and music videos, allowing her to work alongside such notable names as, Amy Schumer (Trainwreck), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), and Burt Reynolds.

Currently, Shana is hostess of a YouTube radio show entitled, Heart On Radio, where she utilizes her background in comedy to offer a light-hearted approach to the exploration of spiritual topics. She continues to work as an actress and content creator.

Shana’s primary mission is to aid in the evolution of humanity through the creation of conscious media. She is determined to bring inclusion and diversity to the mainstream. She finds this extremely essential to the positive development of youth and society worldwide. Above all, she believes that with love, creativity, and in service to others, we unlock

Heaven on Earth.

Her recent performance in the award winning drama, "Shadow Fighter", is now available on Dish Network, Microsoft, iTunes and Amazon Prime. Up next, Shana makes her leading lady debut in the comedic feature film, "Planet George", due to release 2021.


"No act of Kindness is too small. The gift of Kindness may start as a small ripple that over time, can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many."

- Kevin Heath